The Baker Administration’s Leading Ladies

Charlie Baker's Leading Ladies

This week, a crowd of nearly 400 came out to the Meet the Female Members of Governor Baker’s Cabinet, an event put on by the Boston Chamber of Commerce as part of their Women’s Networking Breakfast series.

The spirited event featured three prominent secretaries from Gov. Charlie Baker’s cabinet: Kristen Lepore, Secretary of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Stephanie Pollack, Secretary of Transportation and Marylou Sudders, Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Each secretary brought their own unique story and perspective to the panel.

Secretary Lepore’s professional journey started at the very agency (right out of graduate school!) that she is now in charge of.  She encouraged members of the audience, if they hadn’t already, to identify a mentor (hers is Governor Baker) or to become a mentor, as it is crucial to one’s success.

Secretary Pollack implored the crowd to be “impatient” when it comes what you want and go for it, wise words that her own mother once shared with her. She also spoke about her life in both the public and private sector; “outside the government you have more fun, but inside the government you can make more of a difference.”

Secretary Sudders has, impressively, never applied for a single job! She created her own network that she continues to cultivate. And while her network of friends and colleagues has opened doors, it’s having the courage to step through those doors and nail the interview that makes for a successful career.

While the women were full of inspiring anecdotes and positive messages, each noted that every job has its hardships. And each mentioned the support they have received from each other– and from Governor Baker—as having been crucial to their success. They also agreed that a job in government…is the toughest job that you’ll ever love.

Thanks to the Boston Chamber of Commerce for organizing this informative and inspiring panel!

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