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Here at Solomon McCown & Company, a core competency is working with renowned academic organizations such as boarding schools, student travel providers, colleges and Greek organizations on a wide range of issues. These include leadership transitions to federal investigations to student disciplinary matters. We were recently fortunate to share some of our deep expertise in the field at this year’s Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) Conference held in Boston, where we participated as a sponsor, exhibitor and presenter.

Every year, the TABS Conference brings together heads of schools, marketing, admission, academic, residential life, diversity/multiculturalism, campus health professionals and other administrators to focus exclusively on issues experienced in boarding schools across the country and around the world. This is done through keynote speakers, break-out sessions, and dinners where important and lasting connections are forged.

We were fortunate to engage with these key members of their school’s leadership in the exhibition hall and during 15-minute “speed sessions” where we guided multiple groups of participants through a mock crisis scenario. We often utilize these table top exercises to test drive crisis plans and so schools can better anticipate the many twists and turns that regularly occur in a chaotic and ever-changing crisis situation. The interactive exercise forces participants to answer questions about their preparedness for unexpected and often emotionally-charged events.

Members of our team were also in the exhibition hall, meeting with representatives from boarding schools, educational organizations and companies from around the world. In today’s climate, our message of crisis preparedness resonated across institutions, cultures and areas of focus. Thank you to TABS and all of its participants!

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