Social Media’s Role in Brand Management

Social Media Brand Management

Whether we are replying to consumer’s questions, sending daily updates, creating influential content or responding in the midst of a crisis, I have found social media to be an extremely valuable tool for brand management in my experience on the digital team at Solomon McCown & Co. While I realized the importance of social media prior to joining the SM& digital team back in May, I did not realize just how essential it would be to a brand’s overall success.

Social media assists in brand management because it:

  • Provides valuable and helpful content for the organization’s consumers and fans.
    Mariia Lvovych noted it best in her piece for Socialnomics: Content is “the #1 factor to take into consideration when you are establishing your presence on social networks.” Without valuable, engaging and useful content, a brand’s digital presence is practically worthless. A social page is a direct line of communication to a brand’s most valuable audiences. To test the worthiness of your content, keep track of engagement levels on your social channels.
  • Offers a constant opportunity for fans to interact with the brand.
    Social media has opened a new door for brands. Fans are able to connect and interact with organizations and companies like never before. A consumer can now ask a question of a product or service at anytime, anywhere—and he or she will expect a direct and timely answer in return. This presents so many more opportunities for brands to humanize and connect with consumers and fans, so take advantage of it!
  • Acts as “home base” in the midst of a crisis.
    This is one aspect of social media brand management I never realized would be so valuable. A brand’s social page is not only a convenient location to share timely, accurate information in a crisis—consumers and reporters will go directly to a brand’s channels when they want to know what happened and why. It provides an opportunity to respond to users in a timely manner with a personalized comment or statement, making it much easier to handle the crisis as a whole. Need further proof? Check out these examples.

Four months into my career, I’ve found social media to be the most essential and influential tool for a brand’s digital presence. What do you think about social media’s role in brand management? Share with us on Twitter!

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