Rockland Trust Executive Vice President Jane Lundquist Quoted in the Boston Globe

SM& client Rockland Trust’s Executive Vice President Jane Lundquist was quoted in Deirdre Fernandes’ article in the Boston Globe titled “Financial institutions going after young adults.” In the article, Fernandes outlines ways in which local banking institutions are trying to differentiate themselves and appeal to millennials through sponsored events, incentives, and digital services and product offerings.

Lundquist argues the value of appealing to the millennial demographic and the importance of being unique in comparison to competitors. Rockland Trust utilized the recent opening of their Davis Square branch as a way to do this by replacing “old teller line[s] and ditching the dark furniture for digital screens and cream-colored walls and furniture.” The Davis Square branch also hosts Sunday hours aligned to the weekend schedule of millennials. Rockland Trust will continue to host free ice cream parties and barbecues throughout the month of October as a way to build relationships with millennials in the neighborhood and attract new customers. 

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