Lahey Health

Lahey Health

Our Goal

Healthcare consumers are increasingly looking for information online. Fifty-two percent of patients go online for health information, and forty-one percent of people surveyed by DC Interactive stated that social media would influence their choice of healthcare provider. Lahey Health, a prominent healthcare system in New England, turned to Solomon McCown to grow their social media presence, with the goal of becoming a source of healthcare information and engaging in meaningful conversation with the communities served by the system.

Our Strategy

We completed an in-depth social media audit, evaluating Lahey Health’s existing social media channels and those of its competitors and the social media efforts of brands like Starbucks, CVS MinuteClinic and Pfizer. Informed by this audit, SM& developed a social media strategy for Lahey Health. To increase brand awareness and web traffic, SM& recommended social media ads on both Twitter and Facebook to build followers and send visitors to the websites of the hospitals and the Lahey Health system.

Our Results

Through a combination of tactics, Lahey Health system and their affiliate hospitals’ social media pages increased their number of followers by 34.6 percent across all platforms since the beginning of the campaign in March 2015, illustrating increased brand awareness on social media. We have also used social media to engage with key audiences, from patients to colleagues. 



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