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Beacon Capital Partners (“Beacon”), one of the country’s pre-eminent owners of Class A office buildings, is recognized across the real estate industry as a leader in crisis planning, training and management. It was the first real estate firm recognized for “Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology” by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We have been part of Beacon’s emergency planning and response team for 14 years.

Our Strategy

We developed communications procedures to guide property managers on how to report situations to HQ, manage tenant communications and effectively engage with media should they come on property. We drafted holding statements for 20+ situations that were approved in advance by legal counsel so managers have language they can work with right away, saving valuable time. The work we did to help Beacon build a complete crisis communications and training program was included in the DHS review.

Our Results

Over the years, we have helped Beacon and its property teams manage dozens and dozens of challenging situations from Superstorm Sandy and a measles outbreak to electrical fires, construction accidents, bed bug infestations, protests against tenants, elevator entrapments, and white powder in the mail room.

Superstorm Sandy took one of Beacon’s NYC buildings offline for two months. We made tenant communication the #1 priority. While tenants in nearby buildings took to social media and the press to complain about the lack of communication and action they were experiencing, none of Beacon’s tenants ever did that, and Beacon was not mentioned in any of the negative stories that ran.

After a tenant’s employee working in the John Hancock Tower—then owned by Beacon—was diagnosed with the measles, the situation unfolded on a national stage. We placed a premium on disseminating accurate, timely information to sustain tenants’ confidence in building management’s response. Out of the 625 stories that ran locally and nationally, not a single one mentioned Beacon. Our work was recognized with several professional industry awards.


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