Inquilinos Bueras en Accion

Project Description

A small CDC developer in a city flooded with large, well-established players, IBA – Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción looked to SM& for help raising its visibility across the real estate industry and becoming known as a leading developer in Boston’s affordable housing market.

To tackle this, SM& first conducted a communications audit, which consisted of interviews with staff and key external influencers to analyze the perception of IBA. SM& then established key messages to define the role that IBA and CEO Vanessa Calderón-Rosado play in the community. Using these, SM& secured tours of IBA’s property Villa Victoria with Vanessa and local reporters, to educate them about IBA’s role in the industry, and establish Vanessa as a leader in affordable housing. Vanessa was quoted in relevant trend stories, including Katie Johnson’s “City’s middle-income base eroding” and Tim Logan’s “BRA presses to extend its urban renewal powers” in The Boston Globe. In addition, SM& secured coverage with Comcast’s Newsmakers and in The Boston Courant.

SM& successfully positioned IBA at the forefront of the industry and gained attention from important stakeholders, giving them a greater advantage for upcoming projects. In December 2015, IBA was selected by the Boston Housing Authority as the developer for the West Newton/Rutland Streets project, which includes the revitalization of 146 units of housing in the South End. Adjacent to Villa Victoria, it allows IBA to continue to expand its footprint and better of the lives of even more people within the South End’s community.

Project Details

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