We leverage paid media opportunities to deliver content to your key audiences.

In today’s cluttered media landscape, it can be difficult to ensure that anyone will even see an advertisement. It is even more challenging to develop paid content that resonates with your audience and drives them to act. On many digital platforms, organic reach is so low that organizations have shifted into a pay-to-play model. So how do you get results? The key is to have excellent targeting, attention-grabbing content and to incorporate paid media as part of a comprehensive integrated communications strategy. In fact, the most effective paid media today is content-based. We are experts at writing and developing content, then promoting it to the right audience to tell your story and drive results.
Much has changed in the paid media landscape. Long gone are the days when you had to choose between only a handful of television stations or print outlets. The public is no longer bound to a specific, publication, location or screen. They do not just passively receive content, they also create, produce and share their own content. It’s no longer about finding new ways to make ads more intrusive so people notice them. It’s about creating branded content so irresistible, users won’t even care that it’s technically an ad. We create high-quality content that has value for users and use media dollars to promote it.
Paid media is an important part of an integrated communications plan. It increases exposure and drives earned media interest and traffic to owned media properties. It also offers advanced targeting, so we can ensure we’re maximizing your investment. In the digital space, paid media creates a wealth of data, allowing us to test which content works and to learn more about your target audience. Emerging technology allows us to monitor results at physical locations as well, so we can see how effective our ads have been at driving people to your business locations, providing you with attributable ROI metrics.

Our Paid Services Include

Display Ads

Reaching an audience on the web is key to raising brand awareness and engagement. Our team develops, launches and optimizes display campaigns.

TV Ads

Visual storytelling is in our DNA. Let us tell your story and create compelling content. Our team scripts, films, edits and places TV ads for clients.

Radio PR

Radio Ads

Since 1895, radio has been an evocative way to reach an audience. SM& scripts, records, produces and places ads to reach our clients’ target audience.

Print Ads

We have your advertising needs covered from creative to media. We mock up, design and place print ads to effectively reach your target audience.

Out of Home

It’s crucial to reach your audience at the right time. We create ads that will reach people on-the-go, so your message never gets lost.


The most effective way to reach an audience is to reach them at the right place at the right time. We offer programmatic advertising, which lets us do just that with your message.


Reaching those who already know you helps to move prospects through the lead conversion cycle. We have you covered with retargeting ads, both in social and display.

Native video

Visual storytelling is the most effective way to leave a compelling impression. Our team films, edits, produces and places native video ads that will engage your online audience.

Paid Influencers

The rise of social media has made influencer marketing more important than ever. Our team identifies, engages and activates influencers to make a lasting impact on your target audience.

Social media ads

There are over one billion people on social media. Cutting through the noise can be tough, but we ensure that your voice is heard and your content gets results through social media advertising.

Paid content promotion

Organic reach in the digital space is minimal. To truly reach and engage your key audiences, we take a strategic approach to paid content promotion.

Search ads

Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) experts get your organization to the top of the search results while beating industry benchmarks on spend.

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