Neighborhood Highlights: The Fenway’s Renaissance


One of Boston’s most historic areas, the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood has experienced a surge of growth over the past few years and continues to be a hot topic in the news. Capitalizing on its excellent location, transportation accessibility, youthful population density and cultural cornerstone status, developers are breathing life into the area through the strategic placement of new residential, retail and public spaces. Here are some of the ways they are contributing to its revitalization and reaffirming its status as a Bostonian staple:

  • Refreshed residential options: Having the densest college population outside of Harvard Square, the Fenway has long catered to the residential needs of students. With its emergence over time as a medical hub, an entryway for artists, and ideal business locale, developers are establishing condominium and for-sale alternatives to encourage long-term investment in the area.
  • Diversification of retail options: As the neighborhood’s demographics have shifted and local interests have veered away from national chains and toward unique, curated experiences, the retail additions to the neighborhood have adapted. Working to further infuse the area with energy and creativity, alternative retail tenants and smaller businesses such as Tatte, Eventide Oyster Co. and The Handle Bar, are making their mark on the neighborhood
  • Incorporation of public amenities: Fenway-Kenmore is home to the Museum of Fine Arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Emerald Necklace – all community staples that attract public engagement with art and beauty. Developers are working with architects to make the area’s public spaces more engaging: through compelling public art installations, additional lush green space, and plans for a public market that will not only serve the members of the community, but also attract visitors that can contribute to the area’s cultural mosaic.
  • Transformation through new development: With two proposed high-rise hotels and a massive mixed-use development coming online in the next few years, there is no shortage of exciting changes that we’re watching in the neighborhood. Fenway-Kenmore is receiving long-awaited attention from developers who see the promise of this area and will attract new and exciting office and retail options.

As the Fenway-Kenmore continues to build its community and elevate its presence within Boston proper, we are eager to see exciting additions to its residential, commercial, retail and public offerings. The city of Boston has always been in a constant state of change, with developmental emphasis shifting from region to region, and we look forward to being able to follow these growth spurts as they occur.

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