Your organization gains third-party credibility when someone mentions, quotes, or promotes its content.

The most trusted source of information about your company does not come from your blog or from your paid ads. It comes from media stories and word-of-mouth praise spread by key audiences. Thanks to social media, these articles and experiences can strengthen or damage your brand’s reputation almost immediately. Luckily social media also opens up avenues to develop positive relationships with these brand advocates. With the right strategy, this can be a cost-effective way to enhance your organization’s reputation. It takes an informed strategy and sustained effort to get your others talking about your brand. You still need to attract the interests of the gatekeepers. These are the influencers, media brands, reporters and your fans who hold the key to accessing their audiences. You can earn media from a variety of sources such as press mentions, positive reviews and recommendations. We help you facilitate this by leveraging our relationships with the press, assisting journalists in writing their articles, or getting your thought leadership content published by third parties.
In the digital world, earned media can be even more important. It has both reach and staying power. If an influencer’s message spreads, it has the opportunity to reach millions and it will continue to live on through online searches and content. While we can help you identify and build good relationships with your brand’s influencers, often we’re tasked with fixing the problems that negative coverage can have on your brand. For that, we’ve got an entire service dedicated to crisis communications.

Our Earned Services Include

Media relations

We leverage our established relationships to keep your organization top of mind with reporters and editors.

Content Shares

We develop content that your audiences will share with their networks.

Social Mentions

We build relationships with people talking about your organization online.


From Glassdoor to Yelp, we help organizations protect their reputation on online review sites.

Press coverage

We craft compelling story angles to generate meaningful coverage for our clients.

Viral content

There’s no magic formula for going viral, but we develop the content that increases your odds.

Influencer relations

Social media users with larger followings are trusted sources for many audiences. We help you reach them.

Organic search

Can your audience find you online? We optimize your performance in organic search through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Your organization deserves recognition for its work. We manage the submission process from start to finish.

Thought leadership

We share your organization’s wisdom with the world, from bylines to blogging and beyond.

Speaking opportunities

We identify the best opportunities for your organization’s thought leaders.


Sometimes you need a partner to accomplish your goals. SM& works with you to create lasting relationships in your industry.

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