Crises can seriously damage your reputation and derail your organization if you’re not prepared. Our team is ready to help you mitigate a range of sensitive issues.

For more than two decades, Solomon McCown’s crisis team, led by our President Ashley McCown, has provided crisis communications expertise for some of the highest-profile cases in the region and the nation. 
We often work in tandem with legal counsel and internal communications teams when trouble looms to ensure clients successfully navigate a myriad of reputational pitfalls. We do it all, from developing crisis plans before there is a problem to jumping right in when the issue is exploding on social media and generating headlines.

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Here's what we do


Your organization knows which issues could become a full-blown crisis. We will work with you to develop strategies to handle them.


We are experienced in preparing organizations to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis.

Tabletop Exercises

We develop protocols and run through them in a table top exercise with the crisis response team to ensure they work before the crisis hits.

Digital / Social Monitoring

We monitor the volume and sentiment of social chatter in real-time during a crisis. We also watch for online simmering issues that can evolve into a crisis.

24/7 Coverage

Have a question or concern? We’re here for you. Our team is by our clients’ side around the clock during a crisis.

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