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Consumers, Convenience and the Retail-ization of Healthcare

Trips to the hospital or doctor’s office are no longer the only ways to receive medical care these days. Patients – elderly, millennial and everyone in between – prefer convenience, easy access and short wait times for an appointment. The healthcare industry is listening. Last week, Atrius Health President and CEO Dr. Steven Strongwater joined…

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The BEAT with Dr. Strongwater

The BEAT: A video series featuring an intimate conversation with innovators on what drives them and how they meet challenges. This month’s installment features Dr. Steven Strongwater, President and CEO of Atrius Health, who shares his thoughts on how to tackle one of the biggest issues in healthcare today. Click above to watch. Enjoy!

The 2016 Massachusetts Health Council Awards Gala

From left: David Martin, Mass Health Council Executive Director; Mike Sroczynski, Mass Health Council President and VP of Government Advocacy at the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association; Helene Solomon, CEO, Solomon McCown & Company and Jim Roosevelt, former CEO of Tufts Health Plan on stage at the 96th Mass Health Council Gala. (Photo by Dan Busler Photography) Five hundred members…

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The Public Health Implications of Orlando

This week, millions gathered in solidarity with the victims, families and L.G.B.T. community affected by Sunday’s horrific attack of terror and hate at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Rallies were held from City Hall Plaza in Boston, to New York’s historic Stonewall Inn and in major cities across the country and world. As media…

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The Difficulty of Discussing Zika

The Zika epidemic is a tragedy. It is a shockingly resilient disease, alarming researchers each time they discover more about it. The disease has been a thorn in the side of public health institutes like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as the medical community is still…

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Visiting the Doctor Virtually via Telemedicine

You can use your phone for everything from making travel reservations to managing your finances. Why shouldn’t this technology be used to manage your healthcare? While the healthcare industry is notoriously slow with adapting to trends, one that is gaining traction is telemedicine. If you’re unfamiliar with telemedicine, it’s essentially what it sounds like –…

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When Good Intentions Go Awry: CDC’s Alcohol Warning to Young Women

This week has been a busy week in women’s health; it started with a new panel urging doctors to screen for depression in expectant mothers during and after pregnancy, which is a huge step for recognizing and treating maternal mental illness. And then Wednesday, the CDC posted a simple press release and infographic on alcohol…

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Three Must-Read Healthcare Newsletters

The world of healthcare PR can be more complex than many other areas of focus due to HIPAA laws, policy change and medical crisis situations. News updates can happen hourly as different issues arise, so sorting through information can be a bit overwhelming at times. Thankfully, some of the top healthcare outlets provide daily newsletter…

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Dietary Guidelines Tried in the Court of Public Opinion

Dietary guidelines seem like the type of public health information that everyone should appreciate. Although people might be reminded of how they aren’t following the prescribed guidelines as closely as they thought, they know which foods they should eat more (or less) frequently. If nothing else, dietary guidelines are at least a sign that the…

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Prescription Drug Costs Blog Solomon McCown & Co.

2015: The Year of Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription drugs and the sky-high costs associated with them are among the biggest topics being discussed in the presidential campaign and with good reason. Events of 2015 have reaffirmed how important this issue is and dominated the healthcare industry. Prescription drug prices were all over the news. The FDA approved its 45th drug of the year…

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