Government Affairs
Massachusetts primaries
On September 4, an unusually high number of Massachusetts voters took to the polls to vote in the state’s primary elections. One reason for such a strong turnout? There were several high-profile elections on the ballot that had the ability to shake up the current state of Massachusetts politics. Here are a few we were...
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Mayor Walsh
On Wednesday morning, joined by City officials and hundreds of politically engaged business leaders, Mayor Walsh announced a proposal for a new string of parks along Fort Point Channel at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs breakfast. With the recent contention surrounding publicly accessible space in Boston, specifically the Seaport, and concern over...
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Massachusetts Statehouse Health Care policy
Since President Donald Trump’s January 20th inauguration, the strengths and weaknesses of our healthcare system have taken center stage in both the federal and state political narrative. This week, Massachusetts transitioned from policy debate into legislative enactment as House members took action to slow the incredible growth in enrollment of state residents in MassHealth. The...
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Fab 4 Public Relations
An abuse survivor A mother A business owner A teacher Listening to the four females of the Boston City Council at this Tuesday’s Boston Chamber Women’s breakfast was a moment of political harmony. Michelle, Ayanna, Annissa, and Andrea sat elbow to elbow (smiling) and explaining their motivations to run, their personal policy priorities, and their...
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Trump Communications PR
“FDR had radio, Bill Clinton had cable television and Donald Trump has Twitter,” quipped former New Hampshire Governor and White House Chief of Staff John Sununu. Sununu was one of four former office holders, along with Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and former Massachusetts Democratic Congressmen Barney Frank and Bill Delahunt, who made up the panel...
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Massachusetts Brewers Nonprofits
Last week, Massachusetts Governor Baker signed House Bill 248 into law. We here at Solomon McCown think it’s pretty cool. House Bill 248 originated in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and, when enacted, will allow local breweries to donate their beer to local nonprofits without having to first clear significant bureaucratic hurdles. (Beer is a...
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