51 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Nonprofit on #GivingTuesday
An estimated $274 million was raised online in the United States during last year’s annual #GivingTuesday event. The total represents a 50 percent increase year over year. More than two million donations were processed during the day – an enormous opportunity for any organization that relies on charitable donations. To help your nonprofit capture some...
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marketing funnel
How do you define marketing? If you believe it’s to get someone to take an action or make a purchase, you’re halfway there. In the marketing world, that’s the final result of a campaign; you want to turn the prospect into a customer, motivated by your ad. In marketing as well as sales, there’s an...
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The PR Club  (formerly The Publicity Club of New England) held its 50th Annual Bell Ringer Awards last night from high above Boston at The State Room. Solomon McCown & Company took home the Gold Bell Ringer Award in the Digital Video category for our Foster MA campaign on behalf of The Massachusetts Department of...
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instagram influencer
It is a question I get asked often in today’s world as a public relations professional. In fact, it seems to be one of the most popular topics of discussion across the industry right now. Is it “better” to pitch a media outlet or a digital influencer? The question was just asked on a recent...
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So you have an appealing landing page with a clear call to action, but you aren’t getting as many conversions as you hoped. What gives? The likely answer is that your page is not attracting enough or the right traffic. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can help you increase the amount of targeted organic traffic...
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In an attempt to put the Cambridge Analytica scandal and knee-jerk #deletefacebook movement behind and avoid potential related problems in the future, Facebook recently announced that they will begin shutting down Partner Categories over the next six months. This move will effectively limit how much data will be available to advertisers when they place ads....
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Over the last few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, reaching more than 800 million active users each day. It is more important than ever for brands and individuals to distinguish themselves as influencers and thought leaders on this channel. Whether you’re new to the platform, or just looking...
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real estate PR
There is no longer a clear, dividing line between traditional media outreach and digital communications in real estate PR. Efforts in pitching must coincide with the messaging on a brand’s social media channels, and vice versa. The goals of one must align with the goals of the other. Whether you are in commercial real estate...
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Facebook for Business
It can be hard to keep up in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. As newsfeed algorithms change and social media ad platforms develop, managing multi-faceted, integrated communications strategies across multiple channels can be difficult, especially when in-house teams collaborate with agency partners. Facebook has provided a useful tool for digital marketers in Business Manager. It’s a...
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Facebook Messenger Real Estate
Over the last several months, Facebook has been slowly rolling out the latest Facebook ads product—Facebook Messenger ads. Facebook Messenger has more than one billion users, which is why we believe that this ad product is going to be huge for marketers—especially those in the real estate industry. If you are a residential property owner...
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