Crisis Communications
Dove apologized after posting an image on its Facebook page that depicted a black woman removing her top and morphing into a white woman after supposedly using Dove body lotion. Not captured in many of the images circulating on social media is the full 3-second video, where the white woman then removes her top and...
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Secretary of Education Betsey DeVos made good on her promise to rescind Obama-era guidelines on how to adjudicate reports of campus sexual assault. Civil liberty groups are celebrating and survivors’ rights advocates are expressing outrage. What does it all mean? The biggest change in the DOE’s interim guidance is that it allows universities and colleges...
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By now, you’ve probably heard about the major Equifax security breach that came to light last week. The company disclosed that the personal information of 143 million people has been compromised. Crisis expert and Solomon McCown Vice President T.J. Winick’s byline in O’Dwyer’s PR News breaks down the way in which Equifax has handled the...
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When Equifax, one of the country’s three major credit organizations, announced last week that it’s data network was breached, the company jumped into crisis mode. The data of an estimated 143 million consumers may have been compromised, including Social Security numbers, driver’s license info, addressees and more. Some analysts are calling it the worst data...
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TJ Winick
If you own one of those shiny iPhone cases containing fancy liquid and glitter, you may have been shocked to learn that nearly 275,000 of these cases were recalled this past week after it was discovered they can break, leak and cause severe chemical burns and skin irritations. Solomon McCown Vice President T.J. Winick’s byline...
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Ashley McCown Commpro
Solomon McCown President and Crisis Communications Expert Ashley McCown’s take on The Top 4 PR Crises of 2017…So Far is currently featured on CommPRO. Her countdown, which includes the infamous Pepsi ad, Bill O’Reilly, and United Airlines, is captured on a video posted exclusively on the popular communication industry’s website. Press play below and let us know...
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Ashley McCown Crisis British Airways
The skies haven’t been so friendly for airlines recently, with the most recent example being British Airways’ technical problems, which stranded 75,000 passengers flying in and out of London’s airports this weekend, costing the carrier an estimated $200 million in rebooking fees alone. The financial issues are one thing, but British Airways also hit some...
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Ashley McCown Fox News Advertiser Crisis
Solomon McCown & Company President and crisis communication expert Ashley McCown is quoted in an NBC News business piece on advertisers fleeing Fox News after a recent New York Times investigation unearthed five sexual harassment claims against O’Reilly Factor host Bill O’Reilly. What should Fox News do to keep advertisers, given the controversy? Click here...
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Last week’s hack of New Hampshire-based DNS (Domain Name Service) provider DYN knocked out many of the web’s most popular sites for hours. In PR Trade Bulldog Reporter, Solomon McCown Vice President T.J. Winick points out who communicated well during the outage and why, and provides some crisis and issues management tips for those companies...
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