Solomon McCown Staff
 For the 6th consecutive year, Solomon McCown & Company President and crisis communications expert Ashley McCown presents her take on the year’s most notorious public relations crises. There was plenty to choose from in 2017, from airlines repeatedly mishandling passenger-relations to the biggest name in ridesharing dealing with a whole host of self-imposed bad...
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Here at Solomon McCown & Company, a core competency is working with renowned academic organizations such as boarding schools, student travel providers, colleges and Greek organizations on a wide range of issues. These include leadership transitions to federal investigations to student disciplinary matters. We were recently fortunate to share some of our deep expertise in...
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SM& Presents education
With business, technology and politics all changing at a rapid pace, the bar for success is constantly rising for young people entering the 21st century economy. This morning, top educators and employers convened at the Seaport Hotel in Boston to discuss how education is shaping tomorrow’s workforce and what needs to be done to prepare...
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Next week, City Hall Plaza will be transformed from a blank canvas into “The HUB” an exciting and vibrant collection of geodesic domes and repurposed shipping containers master planned by the award-winning, Boston-based design firm CBT. These domes and containers will feature an array of art installations, musical attractions, exhibits and more. With the third...
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A blend of futuristic technology and timeless thrills, drone racing’s origins can be traced back to the south of France where, in the summer of 2014, some inventive first-person view drone enthusiasts placed LED lights on their craft and raced them along a mountain bike course. The experiment was captured on video, and that video went...
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Ashley McCown Commpro
Solomon McCown President and Crisis Communications Expert Ashley McCown’s take on The Top 4 PR Crises of 2017…So Far is currently featured on CommPRO. Her countdown, which includes the infamous Pepsi ad, Bill O’Reilly, and United Airlines, is captured on a video posted exclusively on the popular communication industry’s website. Press play below and let us know...
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Ashley McCown Crisis British Airways
The skies haven’t been so friendly for airlines recently, with the most recent example being British Airways’ technical problems, which stranded 75,000 passengers flying in and out of London’s airports this weekend, costing the carrier an estimated $200 million in rebooking fees alone. The financial issues are one thing, but British Airways also hit some...
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Katherine Clark, Helene Solomon, Ashley McCown, Dan Cence
U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Clark joined Solomon McCown and Company CEO Helene Solomon for a wide-ranging discussion about a wide range of issues, from President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office to the increased number of women interested in running for office at all levels throughout the country. The conversation began with the week’s big...
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Ashley McCown Higher Education
Being the president of a college or university has never been an easy job—and perhaps has never been more difficult than it is today. Increasingly, leaders in higher education are dealing with sensitive issues, ranging from transgender rights to union organizing efforts, that can often lead to legal or communication crises. It’s often believed that...
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