Samantha Trombley
Girl Squads
In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating Girl Squads, groups of women uniting with common goals in mind, lifting each other up. Though recently introduced to common vernacular, “Girl Squads” are not new to the scene, and, in fact, have been driving forces of feminist ideals throughout American history. From the antislavery and temperance...
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2018 gave rise to several important social justice movements and, along with them, a cohort of determined young activists eager to make change. Young people have already had a significant influence on the trajectory of gun control legislation and leading conversations around immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, racial equality and environmental movements. Generation Z is predicted...
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As Boston development surges, developers and urban planners are implementing strategic placemaking strategies aimed at connecting people within the areas they share. We recently attended NAIOP’s “Development Unicorns: Neighborhood Game Changers” event to hear some of Boston’s leading developers discuss the rapid and transformative evolutions of three Boston neighborhoods. Here are some key takeaways from...
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Last month, Governor Charlie Baker signed “An Act Relative to Minimum Wage, Paid Family Medical Leave and the Sales Tax Holiday” into law, proposing major changes to Massachusetts’ employment laws that will gradually take effect over the next five years. This has been nicknamed the ‘Grand Bargain’ as it involves compromises between ballot initiative proponents...
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