Molly McGlynn
Massachusetts primaries
On September 4, an unusually high number of Massachusetts voters took to the polls to vote in the state’s primary elections. One reason for such a strong turnout? There were several high-profile elections on the ballot that had the ability to shake up the current state of Massachusetts politics. Here are a few we were...
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From luxury waterfront apartments to affordable housing, Boston’s real estate landscape is constantly evolving. Throughout this evolution, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) is tasked with engaging communities to plan and shape the future of Boston. For anyone who works at the intersection of public policy and real estate development like we do at...
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Massachusetts state budget
July marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for our state, and with that comes the Massachusetts state budget. Massachusetts House and Senate leaders have agreed to a $40.2 billion FY2018 budget, but just because the Conference Committee has come to an agreement doesn’t mean the budget is set in stone. To understand the process...
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