Katie Daigle
Boston has a unique architectural landscape. Buildings with stunning glass façades stand adjacent to those that are centuries old, representing the ever-evolving interplay between Boston’s past and innovative future. In order to get the most of your time while attending ULI, check out these five buildings that provide a historic and forward-looking lens through which...
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Record on the road
Each city within the United States has to confront challenges in the built environment that may resemble or differ from those impacting other geographical regions. When conceptualizing space in a city, whether coastal or inland, historic or young, the influence of the public and private realms, as well as the natural world continue to shape...
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affordable housing
Affordable housing is one of the largest influencers in determining the socioeconomic diversity and accessibility of some of Boston’s most desirable, high-demand neighborhoods. Yet, many Boston residents are feeling the pressures that come with the rising cost of living: almost half of respondents to a recent poll conducted by Suffolk University and The Boston Globe...
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Deniers of man-made climate change are quickly becoming a rare breed. Or, at least, a population increasingly regarded with skepticism, astonishment and, at times, spite. With 2015 identified as the warmest year in recorded history, arguments rejecting humankind’s involvement in a rapidly deteriorating environmental landscape are becoming harder to believe and support. In fact, according...
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