Jillian Youngblood
new york architecture
In New York, every affordable housing fight in recent memory has followed roughly the same script. One side wants to increase the inventory of affordable housing units across the city while the other worries that development will inevitably increase prices in the neighborhood and push existing residents out. With this as the backdrop to any...
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New York City Skyline
NIMBY or YIMBY? That was the question at a panel on affordable housing hosted by Urban Land Institute New York last week. In New York City, this question is unavoidable. Median rents here have risen 31 percent since 2010, and as much as 45 percent in particular rapidly growing neighborhoods. A report by the Furman...
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In 1913, Manhattan Borough President George McAneny, like so many New Yorkers after him, was fed up with construction. Huge new buildings were popping up at every new subway stop, with no particular vision or consideration of the existing neighborhood. Measures were needed, he wrote, “to arrest the seriously increasing evil of the shutting off...
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Opportunity Zones
When Amazon announced that it was building one of its two new headquarters in Long Island City, most attention focused on the lavish $1.2 billion tax incentive package that helped lure America’s eighth largest company to the five boroughs. But there was an additional, less noticed sweetener. Tucked into President Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul was...
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