Jan Goldstein
Spring weather brings more hours of sunshine and, with it, an abundance of nonprofit galas designed to raise awareness and much-needed funds for a variety of important causes. Whether your nonprofit works to combat homelessness or hunger, to support children or adults in underserved communities, or to find disease treatments or cures, a spring gala...
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Healthcare helps drive our economy and changes so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. On February 14, the Boston Business Journal’s Power Breakfast on Health Care explored the complexity and dynamic nature of the industry. The panel event, moderated by BBJ Executive Editor Doug Banks, brought together four visionary leaders in the...
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© Leise Jones Photography If Massachusetts Nonprofit Network’s annual conference is any indication, the Commonwealth’s nonprofit sector is thriving. More than 650 people spent the day networking, gaining practical knowledge, and sharing ideas on how their organizations can make an even greater impact for the people and missions they serve. SM& attended the conference, which...
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