Ashley McCown
​I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to my first University of Oklahoma (go Sooners!) football game with my grandfather, a proud alum, when I was five. I knew what a wishbone offense was by the time I was eight. Thus, my twitter handle: @AshBoomerSooner. I am still partial to cowboy boots (just check...
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​In early April, we announced our 19th SM& Presents Panel, an energetic discussion with some of the region's leading journalists that will examine the plans, policies and personalities that will shape Boston-post-Menino. The tragic and senseless bombings on Marathon Monday certainly change the lens through which we view Boston and its future. What has not...
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​SM& President & crisis communications expert Ashley McCown was featured in both USA Today & the Boston Herald on January 17. In the articles, Ashley discusses the highly anticipated Lance Armstrong interview by Oprah and how it will affect his reputation
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