Ashley McCown featured in PR News

T.J. Winick

Solomon McCown President and Crisis Communications Expert Ashley McCown’s take on The Top 6 PR Crises of 2016…So Far is currently featured on PR News. Her countdown, which includes the Cincinnati Zoo, Apple Computer, Disney and the Wounded Warrior Project, is captured on a video posted exclusively on the PR industry trade’s popular website. Click here to watch the video—or press play below. Let us know what you think of Ashely’s choices on Twitter.

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  1. Hi Ashley:
    Something more local that did not make your list, the Duck Boat accident that killed a young women and injured the other passenger. For several days it appeared DBs was behind the news cycle and not prepared for the media rush, including the attorney from Philadelphia, who has issues with DBs. After another accident, DBs now has voluntarily added a second guide on the ride, but will this be enough and or too late for more scrutiny and regulation over this business?

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