A Master Plan for Boston?

Tuesday’s article from Boston Magazine’s website got me thinking more about development in Boston. My first thought was “wow, is the development process really that broken? Is this an accurate depiction on how the BRA works?” Nothing changes over night but has seemed to me that the new administration is making sincere efforts to reform the BRA and have healthy, but controlled development in Boston. 

Working with real estate clients in the city, we frequently talk about how a project benefits the neighborhood, or aligns with a initiatives of the Mayor. However, like the article points out, we don’t tie it back to a master plan. Like any city, Boston has problem areas that it is working through and improving. It is a fair question to wonder about the existence of a holistic plan (real estate and more) that considers current and future needs with each new project. Like I wrote in my last post, there are a lot of transformational projects underway already. I don’t think it’s fair to say that no thought was put into these, and it is also too early to see the impact of each. 

What do you think? Should Boston consider the creation of a master plan?

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