February 2019
The millennial generation has been stereotyped ad nauseum. We’re labeled as entitled, unmotivated, addicted to social media and electronic devices; the list is endless. The notorious Fyre Festival disaster of 2017 seemingly proved many of those characteristics to be true of the dozens of people who bought tickets to the highly coveted event only to...
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From accusations of sexual assault to data breaches and more recently blackface, there are so many ways organizations and leaders can find themselves the focus of reputational crises. We sat down with Solomon McCown President and crisis communications expert Ashley McCown to discuss what skills leaders need to have in times of crisis, how organizations...
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Boston is facing a shortage of available office space. As the demand continues to rise, developers and investors are constantly considering the various factors driving Boston’s commercial market. We recently attended Bisnow Boston’s State of Office event to hear some of Boston’s developers and investors discuss the current outlook of the commercial market, office leasing...
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Healthcare helps drive our economy and changes so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. On February 14, the Boston Business Journal’s Power Breakfast on Health Care explored the complexity and dynamic nature of the industry. The panel event, moderated by BBJ Executive Editor Doug Banks, brought together four visionary leaders in the...
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Welcome to Solomon McCown’s new podcast “& Then Some”, an informed conversation about the latest trends in media relations, digital and creative content, public affairs as well as issues & crisis management. The media landscape is changing rapidly, with new online outlets cropping up almost daily making compelling story-telling more important than ever. “& Then...
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Real Estate
2018 was a wild year. In the realm of real estate, Amazon’s HQ2 search, the impact of a fluctuating stock market and ongoing trade disputes on investment and development, and the squeeze of the housing market dominated headlines. As we dive into the second month of 2019, we anticipate that this year will prove just...
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Opportunity Zones
When Amazon announced that it was building one of its two new headquarters in Long Island City, most attention focused on the lavish $1.2 billion tax incentive package that helped lure America’s eighth largest company to the five boroughs. But there was an additional, less noticed sweetener. Tucked into President Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul was...
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