March 2018
There are some obvious differences between journalism and what’s known as brand journalism — journalism-style storytelling on behalf of a company. However, having worked in both media and corporate communications, I’ve found there are plenty of similarities as well. So, consider these ten things that journalism can teach brand journalism: Be social: Thanks to never-ending innovation...
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The 2018 midterm elections were looking to be a sleepy affair in Massachusetts. With strong incumbents in a deep blue state and the most popular Governor in the nation, any surprises seemed out of the picture. The past couple of months have turned that idea on its head. From retirements to primary challengers, the Massachusetts...
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Across the country, water transportation has proven to be a reliable, safe, and efficient option for commuters. You can see the massive success of investing in water transportation by looking at metropolitan hubs like San Francisco, New York City and Seattle who have successfully reduced traffic through modern infrastructure and fair pricing. Now, the spotlight...
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