January 2018
On Tuesday, January 23rd, Governor Charlie Baker delivered his third State of the Commonwealth address. In addition to kicking off the second year of the legislative session, his speech also marks the start of his re-election campaign. Here are our four key takeaways from the Governor’s address that will shape both the 2018 policy agenda...
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air bnb
Thursday morning’s CommonWealth Newsmakers event explored “the dilemma of disruptive technology” with home sharing apps, Airbnb in particular, taking center stage. After CommonWealth’s Bruce Mohl and Jack Sullivan set the table, a panel made up of Senator Stan Rosenberg, Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Will Burns (Director of Midwest Policy and Senior Advisor at Airbnb) and Ford...
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All the safety precautions and procedures in the world are of little use unless they are communicated effectively. As crisis counselors, we routinely advise clients on how leadership should alert key audiences to timely matters such as how often property managers should be communicating with tenants in the event of an emergency. It was through...
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Organizational communications will never be the same. Amidst the societal reckoning that includes the #metoo movement, the old rules no longer apply. Open secrets are no longer tolerated, and accusations are typically accepted as fact. Even those organizations with strong values must navigate an escalating number of communications pitfalls: one off-handed comment or poorly-worded email...
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Over the last few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, reaching more than 800 million active users each day. It is more important than ever for brands and individuals to distinguish themselves as influencers and thought leaders on this channel. Whether you’re new to the platform, or just looking...
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 For the 6th consecutive year, Solomon McCown & Company President and crisis communications expert Ashley McCown presents her take on the year’s most notorious public relations crises. There was plenty to choose from in 2017, from airlines repeatedly mishandling passenger-relations to the biggest name in ridesharing dealing with a whole host of self-imposed bad...
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