December 2017
real estate
As an action-packed 2017 ends, we’ve compiled five real estate trends that have shaped this year in real estate. Let the countdown begin! 1. Emerging Markets As the City’s development boom continues, one of the most interesting and exciting things we’ve witnessed in the past year is the focus on new areas and neighborhoods in...
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With so much development popping up in different neighborhoods within Boston’s downtown core, it’s interesting to see that same level of activity in two of Boston’s most infamous outer neighborhoods: Southie and Dorchester. As a Southie resident living a stone’s throw from the Dorchester line, I am astounded by the sheer volume of construction on...
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On Thursday, December 7, the Massachusetts Conference for Women, the largest female conference in the country, convened for the 11th year, bringing together 12,000 women from across the Commonwealth and its prominence was on display. Headliners included industry moguls and cultural icons from activist and actress Viola Davis to feminist legend Gloria Steinem, and Boston...
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Here at Solomon McCown & Company, a core competency is working with renowned academic organizations such as boarding schools, student travel providers, colleges and Greek organizations on a wide range of issues. These include leadership transitions to federal investigations to student disciplinary matters. We were recently fortunate to share some of our deep expertise in...
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From coast to coast, the last of our summer months were infiltrated with what felt like an endless cycle of natural disasters: Hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires. Following Hurricane Maria’s devastating path through Puerto Rico, the island’s 3.4 million residents remain without power for what is expected to be months. Over 40% of Florida’s residents faced power...
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