August 2017
Boston Real Estate
Picture it: The last Thursday of August, one short day away from an extended holiday weekend that could be spent adventuring through Boston, lounging in the sand down the Cape, or simply relaxing in your own home after a warm, satisfying summer. But instead of preparing yourself for some well-deserved R&R, you find yourself stuffing...
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real estate PR
There is no longer a clear, dividing line between traditional media outreach and digital communications in real estate PR. Efforts in pitching must coincide with the messaging on a brand’s social media channels, and vice versa. The goals of one must align with the goals of the other. Whether you are in commercial real estate...
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Last week during the 2017 National Conference of State Legislatures Legislative Summit I attended the session “Critical Status: How Financing Can Help Address America’s Infrastructure Crisis,” which largely focused on the attractiveness of public-private partnerships (P3), the permitting process and the roles the Federal and State levels of government should play in projects. Taking part...
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On July 5th, Volvo announced that every new model introduced from 2019 and beyond will have an electric motor and will be either a hybrid or fully electric. The New York Times called it, “the boldest commitment by any major car company to [commit to using] technologies that currently represent a small share of the...
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TJ Winick
If you own one of those shiny iPhone cases containing fancy liquid and glitter, you may have been shocked to learn that nearly 275,000 of these cases were recalled this past week after it was discovered they can break, leak and cause severe chemical burns and skin irritations. Solomon McCown Vice President T.J. Winick’s byline...
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In Boston’s competitive real estate market, where housing prices are surging to an all-time high, residential developers have become more creative when it comes to attracting home buyers and renters, including boosting their amenity offerings. A walk through some of the city’s newest developments reveals some key strategies builders are using to stand out. Design...
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affordable housing
Affordable housing is one of the largest influencers in determining the socioeconomic diversity and accessibility of some of Boston’s most desirable, high-demand neighborhoods. Yet, many Boston residents are feeling the pressures that come with the rising cost of living: almost half of respondents to a recent poll conducted by Suffolk University and The Boston Globe...
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By now you’ve heard the news that newly hired White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci pulled an Icarus maneuver flying far too close to the sun and thus was promptly removed from his position after a mere ten days. Within his short tenure, The Mooch, as he prefers to be called, broke just about every...
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