July 2017
ULI New York Young Leaders Group event
At a recent ULI New York Young Leaders Group event, attended by over 50 of the real estate industry’s best and brightest future talent, real estate veteran and ULI Governor John McNellis, author of Making It in Real Estate: Starting Out as a Developer, led a highly interactive, informative and entertaining discussion on how to become...
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National conference of state legislatures boston
For the first time in ten years, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) will be hosting their annual Legislative Summit in Boston. From August 6-9th, more than 6,000 legislators, government workers, and public policy professionals will gather at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in panel discussions and policy round-tables. Speakers and...
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Ashley McCown Commpro
Solomon McCown President and Crisis Communications Expert Ashley McCown’s take on The Top 4 PR Crises of 2017…So Far is currently featured on CommPRO. Her countdown, which includes the infamous Pepsi ad, Bill O’Reilly, and United Airlines, is captured on a video posted exclusively on the popular communication industry’s website. Press play below and let us know...
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Massachusetts state budget
July marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for our state, and with that comes the Massachusetts state budget. Massachusetts House and Senate leaders have agreed to a $40.2 billion FY2018 budget, but just because the Conference Committee has come to an agreement doesn’t mean the budget is set in stone. To understand the process...
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Usually at this time of year I am lucky enough to be off in some new place, eating different food and experiencing what tends to be a slower pace of life. The days are long, filled with lots of fresh air, which is a good excuse to sip wine before 5PM and refresh the spirit...
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Boston Real Estate
The City of Boston never ceases to amaze us – neighborhoods continue to evolve every day. Although every section of the city contributes to the eclectic feel that makes Boston so special, there are a few areas in particular that are especially eye-catching. Below, we’ve outlined three emerging Boston real estate markets that our clients...
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