May 2017
Ashley McCown Crisis British Airways
The skies haven’t been so friendly for airlines recently, with the most recent example being British Airways’ technical problems, which stranded 75,000 passengers flying in and out of London’s airports this weekend, costing the carrier an estimated $200 million in rebooking fees alone. The financial issues are one thing, but British Airways also hit some...
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New York City Real Estate Helene Solomon
Solomon McCown hosted its inaugural panel event in New York City, dubbed “Square Footage.” Held in a historic brownstone in Greenwich Village, it was a fitting location for a timely discussion about the companies and technologies that are shaping the future of the commercial real estate business. Solomon McCown CEO Helene Solomon moderated the event,...
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Katherine Clark, Helene Solomon, Ashley McCown, Dan Cence
U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Clark joined Solomon McCown and Company CEO Helene Solomon for a wide-ranging discussion about a wide range of issues, from President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office to the increased number of women interested in running for office at all levels throughout the country. The conversation began with the week’s big...
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