Monthly archives: April 2017

Posted by Kathryn Alexander

Massachusetts Takes Action on Health Care Policy

April 28, 2017 In Government Affairs, Healthcare Leave a comment

Since President Donald Trump’s January 20th inauguration, the strengths and weaknesses of our healthcare system have taken center stage in both the federal and state political narrative. This week, Massachusetts

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Posted by T.J. Winick

PR and Meeting Audiences Where They Are

April 21, 2017 In Public Relations Leave a comment

When I worked in broadcast news, our audience was a large one: the viewing public. To gain greater insight into these millions of viewers, demographic data provided us a biographical

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Posted by Helene Solomon

The Influence of the Hospitality Industry on Real Estate Development

April 19, 2017 In Real Estate Leave a comment

Recently, New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells turned his evaluation away from what’s on the plate in the city’s restaurant scene and instead tackled a growing trend in New

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Posted by Michelle Mastrobattista

Ashley McCown on Fox News’ Advertiser Crisis

April 4, 2017 In Corporate, Crisis Communications Leave a comment

Solomon McCown & Company President and crisis communication expert Ashley McCown is quoted in an NBC News business piece on advertisers fleeing Fox News after a recent New York Times

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