March 2017
Facebook Messenger Real Estate
Over the last several months, Facebook has been slowly rolling out the latest Facebook ads product—Facebook Messenger ads. Facebook Messenger has more than one billion users, which is why we believe that this ad product is going to be huge for marketers—especially those in the real estate industry. If you are a residential property owner...
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Social media messaging platform organization
Back in October 2016, our team weighed in on the question du jour for digital marketers: Snapchat, Instagram Stories, or Both? Fast forward a few months and the question seems quaint, thanks to the launch of a host of new storytelling and ephemeral messaging platforms. Now organizations must choose from Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger...
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Fab 4 Public Relations
An abuse survivor A mother A business owner A teacher Listening to the four females of the Boston City Council at this Tuesday’s Boston Chamber Women’s breakfast was a moment of political harmony. Michelle, Ayanna, Annissa, and Andrea sat elbow to elbow (smiling) and explaining their motivations to run, their personal policy priorities, and their...
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About Us

We are a fully integrated PR agency that thrives at the intersection of public policy and business, helping organizations to define who they are, earn the recognition they deserve, and protect their reputations.

We provide senior counsel in complex sectors, including healthcare, education, housing and real estate. We leverage our experience in traditional and digital media, government relations and crisis management to support legacy organizations and those that are on the rise.