July 27, 2016
“Let’s share this moment.” That is what my esteemed, senior, female colleague Marie said to me after it was announced that Hillary Rodham Clinton received enough delegate votes to be the first female presidential nominee of a major political party. For the last nine days, I have been in Philadelphia, working as part of the...
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Changes are coming to the college neighborhoods of Boston. Since 2008, Boston has had a “no-more-than-four” law, which bars more than four undergraduate students from living in the same apartment. However, the city has not been able to truly enforce it. Last week, city officials offered a new plan to enforce “no more than four,”...
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When people ask me what my favorite social media platform is, I quickly reply that it’s Twitter. I’ve developed great relationships with interesting people and get myriad news updates from the fast-moving feed. And, historically, Twitter has been fun. From watching llamas on the loose to discussing political conventions and award shows, it allows users...
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