Monthly archives: March 2016

Posted by Solomon McCown Staff

Rhode Island Tourism Campaign and the Case for Agency Integration

March 30, 2016 In Public Relations Leave a comment

It’s been a tough week for Rhode Island. The state’s new tourism campaign hit a couple of bumps this week and integration—or lack thereof—may be to blame. Rhode Island NPR pointed

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Posted by Amy Derjue

How Brands Can Thrive in Instagram’s Algorithm Era

March 29, 2016 In SM& Team Leave a comment

If you’ve been on social media this week, you’ve seen pleas from D-list celebrities to turn on notifications for their content on Instagram. It’s no surprise, as many of them

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Posted by Kim Lyons

Visiting the Doctor Virtually via Telemedicine

March 29, 2016 In Healthcare Leave a comment

You can use your phone for everything from making travel reservations to managing your finances. Why shouldn’t this technology be used to manage your healthcare? While the healthcare industry is

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Posted by Max Gold

It Takes a (Millennial) Village

March 25, 2016 In Real Estate Leave a comment

Entering the world as a young recent college graduate can be an unnerving experience. You’ve just left an epicenter of comradery and a world where you lived around like-minded individuals

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Posted by Kathryn Alexander

The State of Boston’s Seaport District: Then and Now

March 23, 2016 In Real Estate Leave a comment

Bostonians can’t stop talking about the thriving Seaport District. Between new restaurants, condo construction and businesses flocking to the waterfront—including PWC and more recently, GE—there is no question what neighborhood

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Posted by Katie Daigle

Real Estate Creates a Sustainable Future

March 22, 2016 In Real Estate Leave a comment

Deniers of man-made climate change are quickly becoming a rare breed. Or, at least, a population increasingly regarded with skepticism, astonishment and, at times, spite. With 2015 identified as the

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Posted by Ashley McCown

Maria Sharapova’s Bold Crisis Management: Game, set, match

March 17, 2016 In Crisis Communications Leave a comment

For a professional athlete who failed a drug test, Maria Sharapova did something very unusual: She held a press conference and announced it. No deny and lie. No bobbing and

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Posted by T.J. Winick

Best Practices for Working With Reporters

March 16, 2016 In Corporate Leave a comment

Tuesday morning, I attended a panel at the offices of Mintz Levin organized by the Northeast Clean Energy Council called Working with the Press in an Evolving Media Landscape. With

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Posted by Jackson Murphy

PR Lessons from “House of Cards”

March 16, 2016 In Corporate Leave a comment

The other night, I dreamt that President Francis Underwood’s press secretary gave me the urgent task of writing a statement to send to the Washington Herald. Undoubtedly a byproduct of

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Posted by Michael George

A Softening Anticipated For NYC’s Luxury Residential Market

March 15, 2016 In Real Estate Leave a comment

It’s safe to say there is a fair share of uncertainty and pessimism looking towards the future of Manhattan’s luxury real estate market. Negative headlines are indicative of record price

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