February 2016
American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb
Since 1904, the American Lung Association (ALA) has been the leading the fight for healthy lungs and better air quality. From discovering an effective treatment for children with tuberculosis and the cause of infant respiratory stress syndrome to strengthening the Clean Air Act and passing the Tobacco Control Act, the ALA has been a driving...
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Governor Charlie Baker
This week, Governor Charlie Baker spoke before a crowd at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast and proudly declared that he was focusing on infrastructure and core services of the MBTA. A switch that was installed on the Green Line in 1910, he said, is still in use. In 1910, Babe Ruth would still...
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Keeping Consumers in the Bank
When was the last time you actually stepped inside the local branch of your bank, rather than looked at your phone to make a transaction? A recent report by First Data called The Unbanked Generation, found that 94 percent of consumers under the age of 35 bank online, causing drastic reduction in in actual foot traffic...
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Charlie Baker's Leading Ladies
This week, a crowd of nearly 400 came out to the Meet the Female Members of Governor Baker’s Cabinet, an event put on by the Boston Chamber of Commerce as part of their Women’s Networking Breakfast series. The spirited event featured three prominent secretaries from Gov. Charlie Baker’s cabinet: Kristen Lepore, Secretary of the Executive...
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Influencer Marketing Instagram
When you think of Generation Z, what comes to mind? When I think of the generation coming of age behind Millennials, smartphones and social media define this group. While I may have grown up at the dawn of these things, members of Gen Z grew up surrounded by it. I think of my 13-year-old cousin,...
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Twitter Changes
Twitter is my favorite social media network. I love that it serves as a newsfeed, surfacing articles I might have otherwise missed from influencers I admire and that it also allows me to follow events a world away as they unfold. It has made it easier for voters to engage with their elected officials, fans...
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Google Chrome Extensions
Google Chrome tops the list of the most popular web browsers, beating out Firefox and Internet Explorer. While Chrome’s ease of use makes it a popular choice, it can be beneficial your work day in other ways by using Google Chrome extensions. These extensions are simply small programs that you download to your Chrome browser...
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Zika Virus Communication
How does a country assure the world it is safe to travel there? That is the challenge Brazil faces a little less than six months before it is set to welcome thousands of athletes and nearly a half million visitors to the XXXI Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has the largest outbreak of the...
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NYC Affordable Housing
The majority of recent college grads who have moved to New York City most likely have at least one horror story they can share about finding, or not finding, an apartment that is within their budget, or that is suitable, or that was nabbed by another eager apartment hunter right before they we’re approved by...
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Since the beginning of the NFL season, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s authentic personality had led him to not only becoming league’s MVP, but also one of the top faces of the NFL. Newton’s outgoing and fun persona brought a positive edge to the NFL in a time where the league struggled with constant domestic...
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