Monthly archives: November 2015

Posted by Allyson Quinby

Midtown West Is What’s Hot in NYC Real Estate

November 30, 2015 In Real Estate Leave a comment

The NYC real estate market is always growing and evolving. Every neighborhood has its pros and cons and it’s becoming abundantly clear that the hip neighborhoods continue to change all

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Posted by Jessica Iocca

Charlie Sheen and Public Health Campaigns

November 25, 2015 In Healthcare Leave a comment

Behavior change is the ultimate goal of any public health campaign, but creating the right messaging to spark behavior change is hardly ever easy. In light of Charlie Sheen’s recent

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Posted by Anna Rabin

The Affordable Housing Crisis in Boston

November 24, 2015 In Real Estate Leave a comment

On Boston’s booming real estate scene, we’ve seen a continuous stream of news coverage around beautiful new high-rise towers and the construction of shiny office buildings. While it’s exciting to

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Posted by Jennifer McAlpine

What Being a New Mom Taught Me about PR

November 23, 2015 In Public Relations Leave a comment

15 months in, I totally have this parenting thing down, I think to myself. And then my daughter goes and eats a piece of dog food off the kitchen floor

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Posted by Molly Munroe

Three Tech Companies Driving Innovation in Real Estate

November 20, 2015 In Real Estate Leave a comment

From commercial to residential, one noticeable trend in Real Estate is how those in the industry are increasingly relying on technology to meet their business goals. Here are a few

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Posted by T.J. Winick

Solomon McCown Crisis expertise in PRNewser

November 19, 2015 In Corporate Leave a comment

In a post featured on the PRNewser website, Solomon McCown Vice President T.J. Winick offers communications tips for administrators in higher education who find themselves dealing with a brewing or

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Posted by Marissa Lalli

Callisto Aims to Combat Campus Sexual Assault

November 18, 2015 In SM& Team Leave a comment

According to a recent study by the Association of American Universities, more than one-in-four undergraduate women reported that they had been sexually assaulted on campus. More than three-fourths of these

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Posted by Lauren Michaels

Cut Boston’s Seaport Some Slack

November 18, 2015 In Real Estate Leave a comment

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the Seaport District in Boston. One is perfectly captured in a recent Boston Globe headline “Some residents worry Seaport will

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Posted by Rachel Dobbs

11 Easy Ways to Boost your Blog Performance

November 17, 2015 In SM& Team Leave a comment

Blogging has become increasingly important for brand visibility and management in recent years. It seems just about every business from a mom-and-pop shop to Hubspot has a corporate blog, resulting

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Posted by Michael George

Eastie: An Evolving Boston Community

November 16, 2015 In Real Estate Leave a comment

East Boston, which for a long time has been considered a modest, blue-collar residential neighborhood and home to many of the city’s Latin American, Russian and Irish immigrants, is quickly

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