May 13, 2015
Dana Hall Head of School, Caroline Erisman’s byline on the epidemic of stressed-out students was recently published in Cognoscenti. Caroline discusses the dialogue around rising teen suicide rates and the pressure that students feel to succeed. She notes that it is vital to recognize the difference between encouraging success and pushing kids too far. To...
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I recently came across Kaiser Health News’ article, “When Depression and Cultural Expectations Collide.” The article talks about an Asian American woman’s struggle with depression throughout her teenage years. The reporter, Anna Gorman, specifically highlights how an individual’s culture can prevent families and guidance counselors from getting the person the help he or she needs....
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In campaign politics, a “tracker” is staff member or volunteer from a candidate’s campaign team or from an opposition group assigned to, quite literally, track an opponent’s campaign stops and public appearances. The hope is to make sure no gaffe, flaw or mistake goes undocumented. Depending on which side of the camera you’re on, these...
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