November 25, 2014
Every year as we approach the holidays, the shopping frenzy seems to grow more and more out of control. Customers, demanding better deals and around the clock hours, seemingly force stores to open earlier and employees to work longer and longer. Or do they? This year, stores such as Best Buy, J.C. Penney and Toys...
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Since this past summer, I’ve been working out with an awesome group of humans as part of a free fitness movement called November Project.  It went from two guys crushing stairs at Harvard Stadium in the wee hours of the morning to 3,934 people joining in across 16 cities in two countries.  A small tribe...
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Growing up, I’d often go on road trips with my family which prompted many drives through different cities, where I saw homeless men, women and children begging for money or food on the side of the road. Whenever we had food in the car – which we often did – my dad always rolled down...
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