April 4, 2014
Google+ is the second largest social network with 540 million monthly active users and active communities. How can your organization best utilize Google+? Solomon McCown Director of Digital Communications Michelle Mastrobattista shares tips on how to get started in Google+ Communities in our latest SM& video. Google+ Communities from Solomon McCown & Company on Vimeo....
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Listen to our Solomon McCown Podcast as SM& President and crisis communications expert Ashley McCown reacts to General Motors’ tough week. The auto giant’s CEO Mary Barra was on Capitol Hill, getting grilled by a senate subcommittee over a faulty ignition switch in GM cars that is blamed for at least 12 deaths.
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April and spring are finally upon us and just as quickly as the weather changed, so did many things in the digital and social media world. Didn’t have a chance to catch up on all that’s happened this week? Don’t worry; we’ve narrowed down all the top digital news: "Cuban Twitter" creation: It turns out...
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