January 31, 2014
Everyone has a voice and unique opinions.  When a company is involved (whether directly or indirectly) with an issue its stakeholders care about, which can range from energy use to GMO labeling to fair labor, there is a chance it may hear from some of those stakeholders who want to implement change.  In our country,...
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President Obama recently announced the creation of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. As a national dialogue about Title IX (the laws the prevent sex discrimination at federally-funded institutions) gets underway, it’s critical that colleges and universities communicate clearly with students and other stakeholders. SM& President and crisis communications expert...
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This past week I attended ULI’s 2014 Trends in Real Estate Forum. While many of the ideas discussed I had already heard from clients and in the media, what really stood out to me was the driving factors behind the trends. For example, companies require less square footage because they have learned to use their...
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