January 17, 2014
As we saw with 2013’s #GivingTuesday campaign, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for nonprofits—you could say that it’s the ultimate marketing tool because of its reach (essentially endless). Although the world’s most followed “Tweeps” are, unsurprisingly, celebrities, with Katy Perry (49M followers), Justin Bieber (48M) and Lady Gaga (41M) in the lead, nonprofits...
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Awards show season means many things: Hollywood gossip. Armchair fashion criticism. And live-tweeting.  According to Twitter, there were 2.1 million tweets sent relevant to the 2014 Golden Globes official telecast, making it the most talked-about show of the week. That doesn't include tweets sent during the two hours of red carpet coverage available on cable channels....
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  Many marketing and communications professionals watch videos in their free time, they watch one a friend or colleague shared with them and they see them on their competitors’ websites. They know their organization needs video, but they can’t articulate why they need it. I’ve worked with video for 20 years, from broadcast news to...
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