January 9, 2014
Solomon McCown President and crisis communications expert Ashley McCown was featured in an article published in the Associated Press. The story highlights air carriers that experienced major flight delays due to the extreme weather in the Northeast. McCown shares her insight on JetBlue’s decision to ground flights completely in four major airports. Read the full article...
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New Jersey Governor and potential presidential hopeful Chris Christie is no stranger to crisis communication. He’s snapped at a concerned parent of public school students while fielding questions on television. Christie infuriated GOP stalwarts as he lauded President Barack Obama and his response to Hurricane Sandy during the final months of the 2012 presidential campaign....
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Recently, announcements of new CEOs at major companies have speckled the news.  From Microsoft to General Motors to Burberry, hiring a new CEO can be an exciting and positive time for a company.  However, it can also raise concerns among the people who matter most to the company: its employees, consumers, and investors.  Therefore, public...
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